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Promotional products are essentially customized items that companies can brand and offer to customers and other parties. From apparel to office products and kitchenware, promotional items have become a staple in modern business. These products can help provide latent impressions over time, familiarizing potential customers with a company’s brand and offerings.

Examples of them exist just about everywhere in today’s society. At live events for sports or entertainment, t-shirt cannons propel marketing products to the audience. New employees will sometimes receive a “swag bag” with company-branded items like a notebook, water bottle or hat. Trade-show sponsors may provide attendees with a drawstring bag or a USB charger. Prospective students on a campus visit may receive a t-shirt or writing instrument with the institution’s brand.

Taken as a whole, there are countless examples of how organizations can leverage promotional and marketing products. Furthermore, businesses have a high degree of control over how to employ promotional items as a strategy for corporate growth.

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