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Screen Printing Explained

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is the process that involves transferring a stenciled design on a flat surface with ink, a mesh screen, and a squeegee.

Although paper and fabric are the most typical of surfaces that are used in screen printing, it is also possible to print onto metal, plastic, glass, and wood.

How does screen printing work?

The most basic screen printing method will involve making a stencil on a mesh screen.

Then, pushing paint or ink through that stencil to create the imprint of your design onto the surface of the chosen material.

One of the most interchangeable factors involved in this process is the various stenciling techniques that can be used. So, while the actual process of printing remains largely the same, there are many ways to create the stencil.

Any designs that are created with the screen printing method can use multiple shades of ink.

However, with a multi-colored design, it is necessary to apply each individual color with a separate stencil.

Why is screen printing so popular?

There are many reasons why screen printing is a popular technique, but the most compelling of these comes from the extensive choice of colors that can be used. Screen printing is effective on darker fabrics too.

Aside from this, the printer can quickly reproduce a design many times. Because a stencil can also be used to replicate a design repeatedly, it is ideal for creating bulk garments and accessories.

Compared to digital printing alone, a professional printing company will be able to achieve a far more intense coloring.

However, due to the complexity of the process overall, there are limitations to the number of colors that can be used in a design.

Will screen printing ink wash out?

When an item is professionally screen printed by a company, using the correct washable heat-treated ink, then it shouldn’t wash out.

If all elements of the process are done correctly, including the drying temperature and the correct timings, you should get a long-lasting product that should not wash out.

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